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Manta Ray Snorkel Charter

Jump into Kona's night life

Quick Details


Snorkeling with manta rays is truly a bucket list experience! With no stingers, barbs or teeth, manta rays are gentle giants and watching them move through the water column is a sight to behold.

After dark, snorkelers use bright lights attached to a foam board to attract plankton, a naturally occurring food source for manta rays. The plankton concentrates around the lights, making it easy for manta rays to easily gulp down mouthfuls of food.

Before entering the water our passionate and knowledgeable guides teach snorkelers about manta ray behavior and give thorough briefings to prepare them for the night snorkel.

Once it’s dark, snorkelers will enter the water to watch the manta ray’s graceful and mesmerizing feeding ballet. Sometimes swimming only inches away! Many of our guests say this snorkel is a highlight, not just of their trip to Hawaii, but of their entire lives.

**The number of mantas will often vary in accordance to the naturally occurring levels of plankton present. Plankton levels are impossible to predict and can even change throughout the course of a night. While the overall chance of seeing manta rays is high, manta rays are wild animals and there is no way to guarantee they will show.


Complementary use of wetsuits, masks, snorkel, and full-foot fins
Snacks as well as hot and cold beverages are available

Bring with you

Swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, hat, refillable water bottle, hair ties, and anything else you need for a fun day in the ocean. Since this charter concludes at night, warm, dry clothes to change into after your dive are encouraged (most are comfortable with a sweatshirt or light jacket).