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PADI Specialties

Enhance your diving skill set and find your diving aptitude with PADI Specialty Courses!

Quick Details

Expand your knowledge and spend quality time with an instructor honing the skills necessary to safely and confidently do your favorite kinds of dives.

We highly recommend Peak Performance Buoyancy and Enriched Air Nitrox for every diver, but you can choose from a variety of exciting options. Even one or two specialty courses are a valuable addition to your diving experience, but completion of five or more will award you with the rank of PADI Master Diver – an elite and respected recreational diver status.

Below are a list of PADI Specialty certifications available from our shop. Call us (808) 331-1858 or email us for more information, details about pricing and how to get started!

NOTE: If you have already earned your Advanced Open Water Certification, the number of required dives for a particular specialty may be reduced by one. Please be sure to bring your Dive Log showing your Adventure Dives completed and signed off by your instructor.

PADI Specialty Courses


Scuba diving is an extreme sport and restrictions must be adhered to before, during and after to mitigate potential health risks. Post-diving, this includes flying, going to altitude, freediving and other activities that could contribute to Decompression Sickness.